The Pyrenean Shepherd is also known by its French name, Berger des Pyrénées (pronounced ber-JAE day pyr-ray-NAE).  Fanciers of the breed in America often shorten his name to "pyr shep".  He is the traditional working companion of the larger dog, the Great Pyrenees.  Together they aid the shepherd in his everyday workings with his herd of sheep or other livestock.  Outside his homeland of France the breed is rare, but in France his popularity as a wonderfully devoted family companion has grown considerably since the early 1970s.  Although small in stature and weight, it is said, "pound for pound, he has few equals in both herding or guarding".  The Bigourdan Shepherds remark on his tenacity and fearlessness.
The Pyrenean Shepherd Club of America National Specialty Show is held once a year in various locations across the United States and in Canada.  Great efforts are made by all the members and show committee to incorporate a variety of activities so all pyr shep owners feel welcome and can participate.  To date there are over 500 Pyrenean Shepherds registered with the club and the National Specialty is almost a week long gathering with conformation shows, puppy sweepstakes, altered classes, veteran classes, agility performances and trials, agility seminars, flyball demonstrations, herding lessons and instinct tests. All pyr sheps are welcome and we encourage anyone interested in watching our dogs to come and join us.  Keep in touch with our activities by visiting this page for updates on when and where our next event will be held.

Between National Specialty Shows, the Club holds Regional Specialties.  These events have fewer activities but still attract many pyr shep owners from around the country.

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